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"Hvad brugte du materialet til?"

Translation:What did you use the material for?

February 14, 2015



Is the pronunciation of materialet correct here?


when you use the term "Brugte" it should be Used in english, I dont understand why it is not usedin this case


Not exactly sure if you're referring to this, but the past tense aspect is already in the 'did'. If you ask a question in English, you have to make a construction with an auxiliary verb, and if there's no auxiliary available, you use 'do' instead. Any conjugation that is necessary needs to be applied to the 'do', then.

You say something. -> Do you say something?
You said something. -> Did you say something?


Could it also be translated to "What did you need the material for?"


No, the simple bruge is just "use". For "need" you can say behøve or "have brug for".

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