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"I work while she sleeps."

Translation:Jeg arbejder mens hun sover.

3 years ago



is når not an acceptable replacement for mens here? I think it appears in that context in other sentences in this course, doesn't it?

3 years ago

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I think "når" is closer to English "when" or "whenever," and "mens" is closer to "while." The first describes a sort of causative relationship between two actions, usually happening many separated times: "I sleep poorly when I drink coffee at night/Jeg sover dårligt når jeg drikker kaffe om natten." The second just describes two actions happening simultaneously: "I eat breakfast while my brother works/Jeg spiser morgenmad mens min bror arbejder."

I could be wrong, though.

3 years ago

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You are not :). "When" is also more used for describing a habit. "I work when she sleeps" would normally indicate that the woman typically sleeps during your working hours.

2 years ago


So how do we know in this sentence that it is "mens" and not "nar" when we don't have context?

1 year ago