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Words Missing from Lesson

I'm noticing that some words that appear on a skill's lessons page will not come up in the actual lessons. It's usually just one word skipped, but often I won't even know it's been skipped until it appears out of the blue much later as if I learned it when I hadn't. That or I have to go back and check if the lesson covered all the words listed.

Anyone else? Can Duolingo fix this? It's really harmful to the learning process.

February 14, 2015

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For each word taught, Duolingo generally has 3 sentences. Each skill is broken up into a few lessons with each teaching a few words. In a lesson, one usually gets 17 questions. It's possible, sometimes, one or more of the words taught in the lesson don't come up during a regular lesson. Redoing a lesson a few times generally helps get exposure to all words/sentences that it was meant to teach.

Though a few times I have noticed a word not come up after several repetitions but show up during strengthening.

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