"Welcome to my country!"

Translation:Välkommen till mitt land!

February 14, 2015

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Please discuss when to use välkommen, välkommet or välkomna. They appear to have adjective-like endings for en, et or plural, but here the only noun is land and it hooks up with mitt, not welcome. I had typed "välkommet till mitt land" because of land being an et word. The program generously let me slide by, assuming it was a typo on my part. But I see that välkommen was needed.


I can see why you made the mistake, and it's a very good question. Maybe I can help you with some examples. "Välkommen till min fest" - welcome to my party "Välkomna alla deltagare" - welcome all the participants "Det är ett välkommet ljud" - it is a welcome sound "Du är så välkommen" - you are so welcome "Hej, Anna och Karin! Välkomna!" - Hello, Anna and Karin! Welcome!


Extremely helpful, thank you!!!


King Leopold II of Belgium quote, maybe :)? (Congo was his own country, right?)

Seriously, if you wonder why it is "mitt" and not "min", it's because "land" is an ett-word:
ett land - mitt land
en stad - min stad
flera sjöar - mina sjöar

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    Congo was claimed by Belgium. That is correct.

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