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Why's my streak gone

I saw at 7pm last night that I had earned my 56 day streak with 5xp then when I come on my computer today it's gone, that's the 5th time in the last year that it's happened and it's getting really annoying now, so please give me my streak back

February 14, 2015



Where was your computer when you first created your account? Are you still in the same time zone? And last night, were you on your computer with internet access, or were you on a smartphone device?

I'd be interested in whether you've ever had a streak freeze waiting when you lost your streak--if this keeps happening, does it happen whether or not you've purchased a freeze?


I'm still in the same timezone and I was on my tablet last night


I've seen posts about issues relating to syncing between the app and the website. Might be worth writing Support about, or tweeting @Duolingo.


As Superdaisy said, sometimes the app doesn't sync right away with the website -- most commonly when the tablet or phone that is being used does not have a great (or any) connection to the Internet. I double-check to make sure that I am really maintaining my streak by using Safari to log into my Duolingo account after I have done my lessons with the app. I then refresh the webpage to confirm that the streak number is correct and that I have gotten credit for the XP that I have earned that day while using the app.

I hope that you find this helpful.


Could it be your coach setting? What is your 'coach' set to? You have to earn that many points to keep your streak each day.


It happened to me two times by now, last time being yesterday, when I lost a 51 days streak, although I done my daily goal in the first part of the day on my PC and although I received the visual confirmation that I reached my daily goal and my streak number changed (+1). The first time was the same, I've done my lessons on the PC. The behavior seems to be random, because I managed to complete daily goals on the PC or on the phone app successfully between this events. I've contacted the support with this problem and I'm waiting a response. And I want my streak back!! :D

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