Multiple Tiers

When I look at the upvotes that I have received for my translations, I only see "German to English Tier" upvotes. I have received upvotes in "English to German Tier" because in my notifications, it says, "You have reached Tier 2", and it shows the English to German symbol. And also, it shows that I'm Tier 2 in my profile. Why can't I see upvotes for my German to English Tier?

February 14, 2015


Can you see the German to English immersion page?

No. Is there a way to switch between them?

Yep! You can only see trees (and immersion pages) from one base language at a time. To switch to between my Spanish --> English and English --> Spanish trees, I had to bookmark the appropriate "learn this language" page. Here's the German --> English page. You can see others here.

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