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Swedish in Kingsman

I saw Kingsman: The Secret Service last night, and was surprised to encounter some Swedish. I couldn't understand all of it, but I picked up bits of the brief dialogue.

It was a great movie, too.

February 15, 2015



This looks good! I understood a few words - lol. So is this a returned adoptee theme or what? The protagonist is not supposed to be a native speaker of Swedish? I tried to look up the title and the best translation I got was "Raspberry boat refugee"!


Fun fuct about the movie, the actor behind the main protagonist is Swedish, and he doesn't talk any Finnish at all (besides the lines he had to learn for the movie).


Interesting! Also interesting are the comments on the YouTube page. Learned a little about language politics of the region..


HallonbÄt is a candy. I don't know anything about the movie but the protagonist might be native speaker of Swedish, but Finland-Swedish rather than the Swedish spoken in Sweden.


Aweomse :D I never hear Swedish. First time I heard it was Pewdiepie probably. They're playing some commercial on TV now in the United States and the first 20 seconds of the commercial is in German. It's very strange to be thinking in English and unexpectedly hear a language you can understand. XD

I kinda wanna watch Frozen in Swedish with subtitles... The voice actors look pretty not-annoying and I haven't seen Frozen yet so...


I rent Swedish movies from the library. Saw Snabba Cash (Easy Money) last week which was pretty sick.


"which was pretty sick."

Literal translation of that is "en ganska sjuk film" which is valid to say. :-) False friends and all..


Would it also mean "very awesome", as it would in modern American youthspeak? :)


In swenglish everything is possible, all about intonation I guess.


I just saw it today too and was excited to hear the Swedish, although I thought it was a pretty stupid movie. Stylish, obscenely violent, sometimes funny, but essentially sophomoric. Like Beavis and Butthead on steroids. In any case, yeah, I'd be curious to know what was being said in Swedish. :)


I thought of it as a mix between James Bond spoof, Pulp Fiction, and Zombieland. It never took itself too seriously, breaking the fourth wall and all.


I had a very similar experience watching Zardoz recently, although I realized that it was a Scandinavian language and not necessarily Swedish.

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