"Dörren är inte ens öppen."

Translation:The door is not even open.

February 15, 2015

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Can ens by itself mean even? Like in the sentence "Even I know that!" or would it be something different? Does ens always go with inte?

The English translation sounds like the most white girl thing to say ever lol. "They door is literally like not even open" haha...


Even I know that! would be Till och med jag vet det!
ens has come to be used in a new way in the last few years, after the pattern of English people now colloquially say things like Vem är du ens? 'Who are you even?' – but nobody would use it at the beginning of a sentence. (and you couldn't use it for your sentence even if you put it at the end)


What is the difference between ens and även?


The Swedish "inte ens" reminds a lot of German "nicht einmal" (literally "not once"). But in other contexts, the German word for "even" is "sogar". Looks like the Swedish logic is more simular to German than English here (and not only here)


why isn't "doors are not even open" accepted?


Because "dörren" means "the door", not "doors". "Doors" is "dörrar" in Swedish.


I feel like the "ö" is said more like an "o"

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