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Want to practice with native speakers? Try The Mixxer, a skype-based language exchange site!

I stumbled across this great tool to practice while browsing around. You can help others learn while speaking with native speakers!

-I hope it is not against site rules to promote outside helpful content. If so, apologies-


August 14, 2013



I would like to know more about your personal experience using this site, particularly with Portuguese, since you seem to be learning it too. :)


I started learning Portugese because I had two Brazilian friends, and we kept talking about the language and rules and such (I'm a big linguistics geek) so I've always have had them to practice. I haven't used the site myself, but I overviewed the system and it seemed quite brilliant and simple.


Ah ok, I only asked because when I took a look, there seemed to be an abundance of Japanese speakers learning English and English speakers learning German, so I wanted to know how likely you would get a response for Portuguese. Anyway, thanks for the reply!


Great site and I also saw some fantastic links in the FAQ section. Thanks for posting. :)


Try www.verbling.com/ . It is a fantastic resource and is basically a much more established version of mixxer :)


It looks really professional, but I'm a big cheapskate, so I'm not willing to pay 25 USD an hour to talk to someone...:P Maybe I'm missing something though since I only gave it a look-see without registering. Does everything require payment? Also thanks for the link. :)


I just checked it out and it seems that only the tutoring is USD25. The classes are free, but you need to connect onto your google account or something.


No problem :) The main feature of the site is that you can link directly to people who want to learn your language, who also speak the language you are looking to learn. There is also tutoring, classes and then practice groups - which are free and are established by users. Its worth a look!


I forgot to add that the users can be direct video on the site or it seems most meet on the site then just use Skype or Google hangouts, both are free :)

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