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Some suggestions to improve Duolingo

(I hope this is the right forum for suggestions so that the Duolingo staff really can see it... I couldn't find a better place so far?)

Duolingo is really, really great but I have some suggestions to improve it even more.

  1. What I would like to have is a feature to "pause" or "freeze" any or all trees.

Why? I like to keep my trees always golden (in fact I only have one gold tree so far, Dutch, but that hopefully will change... :-) ). But the daily effort to do that keeps getting bigger and bigger the more trees you have, so I would like to get the chance to concentrate on the tree I am just working on by freezing others so that the current status (hopefully gold...) is maintained until I decide to "defreeze" a tree it to restart my work and practice on that one.

That would came also very handy if you happen to go on vacation (or your time is very strained) and you don't want to spend too much time when you come back.

So a per-tree and a global "freeze" or "pause" would be a great addition!

2. I am at level 13 only at my Dutch tree so I don't know what's going to happen if my level increases further. But I think that at a certain level (24?) the gold standard should be "forever" or "static" unless someone decides (by setting a certain per-tree option) that the tree should still keep him going. (Maybe that's what happens at a certain level already, than please let me know.)

Of course this suggestion is connected to the first one...

3. In another thread I suggested that the fact that you should keep a tree gold could be rewarded more:

"What I would like to see is extra bonus points for any tree you keep at gold status. I surmise that many people don't keep fully focused after they completed a tree.

What about one daily extra lingot for a(ny) tree which is at least once in full golden status on a given day?" (Unless it's a "frozen" one, of course.)

So, now back to practicing... :-)

Best, Jens Olaf

February 15, 2015



I am not really sure what one gains by freezing the status of a tree. It just a colour, after all. Does the freeze work on one's brain ensuring retention of the words? I guess not. If one feels confident on the course material, they are good with whatever the course had to teach, they can move on to newer things.

On the level thing, again it doesn't give a proper idea of how well one has mastered the course. I am on level 25, but far from done with my course.


Well, I am sure what it would give me, otherwise I wouldn't have posted it... :-) And the suggestion is just about giving users more options and choices. :-)

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