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"The costs for the project will increase."

Translation:Kostnaderna för projektet kommer att öka.

February 15, 2015



Why is "Kostnaderna for projektet ska oka." wrong? I do know I have left the umlaute off because of my keyboard configuration at the moment.


ska usually carries the meaning that someone controls an action or wants something to happen. So it doesn't fit very well in this case.


"Kostnaderna för projektet kommer att höja" was not accepted because of "höja". Why doesn't "höja" work?


Could you give us a rule for when to use the possessive? Projektets kostnader was not accepted. My impression is that the use of the possessive is more frequent in Swedish than in English, but I am still unclear about its proper use.


Projektets kostnaderna kommer att öka seems a likely translation...


projektets kostnaderna kommer att öka? if not, how can i write the sentence so that it begins with "projekt"? tack

[deactivated user]

    Why is "kommer öka" correct?


    The "Att" is often omitted in casual speech.


    what gramatical failure is in...Kostnaderna kommer att öka för projektet


    It seems a little tricky having “Budgeten för projektet kommer att öka” included as an incorrect answer. “The budget” is close enough in meaning to “the costs” that there’s no way to know here whether it’s being given as a decoy, or as an acceptable alternative.


    Why not "...kommer att höja"?

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