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  5. "Tá céad ann."

" céad ann."

Translation:There is a hundred.

February 15, 2015



Why aren't these accepted

A) One hundred is there and B) There is one hundred



Why is there is one hundred wrong


“One hundred” should be just as acceptable as “a hundred” for céad; similarly, given the lack of context, “are” should be just as acceptable as “is” in both examples.


100 are there rejected?


How would you say "the first is there" or "there the first"?


Neither of those phrases/sentence fragments make much sense in English, so it isn't really helpful to try to translate them - you'd have to give a more meaningful context to get any insight into what it is you are trying to illustrate.

To explain that in slightly greater detail, the word "first" is a noun in "the first is there", but an adjective in "the first runner is there". In Irish, céad as "first" is only a numerical adjective (it comes before the noun, most adjectives come after the noun), so you have to add a noun saying the first "thing".

Here are some examples from the NEID of how "first" as a noun in English is translated into irish using céad as a numerical adjective:
"he was the first to qualify" - ba eisean an chéad duine a cháiligh
"that's the first in the series" - sin an chéad cheann sa tsraith
"January the first" - an chéad lá Eanáir
"First" (university degree) - céadonóracha
"First" (Automotive - lowest gear) - an chéad ghiar


As of 4/8/17 app version still rejected "There are one hundred." I flagged it under the "My answer should be acceptable" category. ☺


Query: Can this statement also mean - There is a hundred in it /him.?


The English sentence sounds weird. Shouldn't it be there ARE 100? Like, one hundred is usually a single adjective phrase. "Hundred" is not treated as a noun there is one of.


Then why do you use the singular indefinite article with it - "a hundred"?

If i was giving you money, I would definitely use the singular - "there's a hundred euro/dollars/pounds".

There are also times when I would say "There are a hundred .....", but "there is a hundred ..." works for me too.

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