"Alla familjer har sina traditioner."

Translation:All families have their traditions.

February 15, 2015

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Why is "Every family has their traditions" not accepted?


How would I make the distinction in Swedish between a specific group of families ("all the families"), and the general group ("all families", i.e. all the families in existance)? Or are they both translated as "alla familjer"?


Yes, that would be contextual.


I am still a bit puzzled for not accepting: Every family has its own traditions. I noticed that Alla is often translated to Every even in Duolingo. To me it is more natural to say in English: Every family rather than All families (both being correct). I also think the meaning is in English slightly different. Isn't it that Alla är sjuka. is better translated to Everyone is sick and vice versa?


The reason – whether it's correct or not is another question – but the reason is that we've felt that there exists a much better Swedish counterpart to every, which is varje. I actually don't think it's true that we often translate alla into every in this course – I'm pretty sure we never do in the main translations, and if we accept it in some places, then rarely.

Of course alla on its own means everyone, but that doesn't change the meaning of every.

You could definitely say Varje familj har sina egna traditioner in Swedish, and it would mean something slightly different from the above sentence. As far as I can tell, it's pretty much the same difference as in English. (I'd probably prefer the version with varje in Swedish myself).


Thanks. That's was probably my wrong impression that Swedish does not like Varje as much as English likes Every but now I get better intuition.


It might be true in some cases, but I don't think this sentence is an example of that.


This sounds like the tagline to a horror movie.


Every family has its traditions is a better way to express the meaning in English. All familes have their traditions is not something a native speaker wpuld ever say

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