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"The performance"

Terjemahan:Penampilan itu

February 15, 2015

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Mohon bantuan: kenapa "Penampilannya" salah?


Itu lebih kpd his/her performance


I don't understand: on some exercises they translate it as "the".


I presume that penampilan is about the "performance" in a show/stage/play etc. What about "performance" as in "job performance" or "performance review"? Would some other word be used there, and is/should that word be accepted here as well?


I think, The word "performance" as in "job performance" is like an achievement in your job. Achievement = prestasi, kinerja


Yes, exactly. It is related to the level of achievement in the job or task or sport etc. I think this is at least as common meaning as the one related to theater/plays: especially in contexts like "she performed well". Maybe those words you suggested should also be accepted when translating this word from English to Indonesian.


In Indonesian, it would be "performa".

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