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  5. "Eles estão fora ou dentro?"

"Eles estão fora ou dentro?"

Translation:Are they in or are they out?

August 14, 2013



Why not? "are they outside or inside?"


This is accepted at the moment, and to me it seems like a better translation.


Duo's option is the most usual.


Maybe in this case. Sometimes duo comes up with the weirdest translations ;)


The Portuguese version seems to say "Are they out or in?", not "Are they in or out".


The order of "in" and "out" in the translation of the sentence does matter!


Wow, seriously? My "Are they inside or outside?" just got marked as incorrect, with a suggestion for the correct answer being "Are they inside or oustide?" I kid you not.


I think the distinction is that "fora" refers to the outside world, ie forum in English, but outside could just be "outside the box". Hmm, just asked translate.google, "outside the box" is "fora da caixa". So much for my theory.


I've never heard forum used to mean outside. Just to mean a place where things are discussed, for example a mariokart player might post in a mariokart forum that he has almost broken the world record on one of the tracks, or a psychologist might speak about depression at a mental health forum.


why not "are they out or in?"


I got an excellent for "are they out or in?" So it seems that both ways are acceptable.


Does "fora ou dentro" refer to any binary type situation, say for example, going to a concert: "are they in or out" aka going or not going? if so, in or out makes much more sense, but I have been interpreting it as in our out of a physical structure such as a building.


Both situations are acceptable, but the second one would probably be just "vocês estão dentro?"


These aren't adverbs. They are prepositions. So why are these kind of sentences in the adverb lessons?


How about: are they outside or within?

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