"Hon tycker om att skriva."

Translation:She likes to write.

February 15, 2015

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The given translation is "typing", but was not accepted. Is it correct or not?


"skriva" is general and could be with any method possible, while "type" is more specific, so translating to "write" fits better. When the method is not important, type can be translated to skriva (since Swedish has no specific verb for that), but when the method is important a different phrase is needed. For a typewriter (skrivmaskin) one can use "... skriva maskin", but for a computer/keyboard I cant think of a shorter way than "... skriva på datorn/tangentbordet".


Just to say that the translation given to 'skriva' is typing as well as writing.


Is the "att" obligatory here?


I'm confuced about this. In some cases a have to use att and in other no. Could you please help me?..!


I can't answer you completely, but at least can I say that when you use "gilla" or "tycka om" with a verb you should always use "att" between


Det var ett snabbt svar! Tack så mycket.


the translation given for skriva is typing


It can be translated as either. Swedish doesn't differentiate between if you're writing with a pen or typing on a keyboard, it's both "skriva".

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I understand that the om should be stressed in this kind of deponent verb, but everyone tells me the text to speech isn't doing it right. Is there somewhere I can hear a good example?


It's not a deponent verb, it's a particle verb, but you're right the particle must be stressed. I think the Voice does a pretty good job here. We usually recommend forvo.com for listening to natives saying things, but I can't find anything suitable there in this case. There's also a super helpful user who has recorded many sentences, see his discussion topic here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5581851 He has a recorded the sentence Hon tycker om henne 'She likes her' here: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0xKEJzUWVJS


The best translation for this sentence should be " She likes to write" or She likes writing. And why?


Swedish makes no difference between the present progressive and the simple present, so from a pure translation standpoint without taking context into account, they're interchangeable.


Why not she likes to type, or she likes typing?


Please refer to the top comment chain.

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