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  5. "Jag vill ha hälften."

"Jag vill ha hälften."

Translation:I want half.

February 15, 2015



Is there an alternate way to write this sentence using the "halv" form of half? I am having trouble distinguishing the precise rule regarding the usage of "halv" versus "hälft". Thanks in advance for any clarification!


+1 ! an answer would be nice...


I think the difference is that "hälft" is a noun and "halv" is an adjective.

So, you could say "Jag vill ha hälften av dina saker" (I want half of your things) or you could say "Jag är inte hälften av mannen som brukade jag vara" (I'm not half the man I used to be).

With halv, you can describe things such as "en halvmåne" (a half moon) or "jag är en halv man och ett halvt lejon" (I am half man and half lion), or "Det tar ett halvt år" (it takes half a year). In this case, "halv" is describing a moon, a man, a lion, and a year.

This is how it was explained to me elsewhere (not on Duolingo), so mods please correct me if I'm wrong! Tack!


You're right, halv is an adjective, but it's also possible to use halv on its own, just implying a noun after it: Jag vill ha halva – with the form halva because the implied noun is definite.


Thanks a lot to both of you, it is much clearer now ! Tack så mycket !


What's wrong aboout "I want to have the half"?


Vill ha usually translates to just want. Read Arnauti’s answer here.


Why is "I want a half" not accepted?


a half is en hälft or en halv – hälften is definite after all, although it can also have the general meaning of just 'half' without an article.


What is the difference between "en halva" and "en halv/ en hälft"? According to Tyda.com "halva" is a noun.


Its me or it speaks really fast here?


Why not "I want one-half?"


Sorry if this is a dumb question....

Is this the noun form to mean half or the half as opposed to the adjectives halv, halvt, halva?

eg Jag har hälften vs Jag vill ha en halva kyckling!

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