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"She decided to leave her job."

Translation:Hun besluttede sig for at forlade sit job.

February 15, 2015



Hun besluttede at forlade sit arbejde. Er perfekt dansk!!!!!!


Jeg svaret det samme


Apparently beslutte can be reflexive or not in usage. It follows that this English sentence is ambiguous. Either she made up her mind (reflexive usage) or she put into force her decision (NOT reflexive). That said, it is not wrong to leave out the sig, since there is no indication as to which meaning of decided is meant here. Please allow for more than one correct answer!


I really messed this one up. Is beslutte always reflexive and followed by for? I ommitted both of those words.


Man kan sige "beslutte at gøre noget" såvel som "beslutte sig for/til at gøre noget." http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=beslutte

Jeg tror at "beslutte sig for/til" måske er lidt stærkere (to resolve / make up one's mind)... Er der en dansk læser, der kan bekræfte dette?


What I missed was the extra "sig". It is awkward to say "She herself decided to leave her job" unless there is a question of her not being the one to do the deciding.


Kan man ikke sige "Hun valgte at forlade hendes job" i steden for. Eller er det helt forkert at sige?


Det er sit job, ikke hendes job, fordi hun er subjektet af frasen... Uden det synes mig det korrekt! Men Dansk er ikke min første sprog, så er je ikke sikker. Og jeg tænker at jeg har sagt mange ting forkert i denne kommentar ^^"


job is synonymous with arbejde


??? three sentences before i wrote:'' hun besluttede SIG at ansøge om jobbet etc.''. DL said it was wrong, SIG should not be used. that's why i did not use it here and see what happened : there has to be a SIG here !!......


Sig and for were not choices?


Sig for at seem like overkill in this one one or the other please Danes

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