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Different Progress Bars?

Hi, everyone.

So today I went upstairs to have a conversation with my older sister. We were talking for a few minutes, and then I decided to introduce her to Duolingo. She was reluctant to do so, because she isn't as fanatic about languages as I am, but eventually she agreed.

As she was plowing through the French course, I happened to notice that her progress bar was blue and appeared to have sea-like bubble froth or something of the like on the top, whereas mine is simply green with little marks to show how far I am in the lesson.

Is this an update that my computer simply failed to pick up? We have the same exact computers, only different types of wireless mouses.

Thank you.

February 15, 2015



Yes, there are now test groups with two different bars. You have the newer one, I have the old one, which is blue, red or green depending on the colour of the skill you're doing. No material difference between the two as far as I can tell, although I feel like I've done something wrong when it's red :)


Oh, thank you so much!


Hi, here is 20 lingots.


Erm, thank you? xD

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