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  5. I'm stuck on 25th level


I'm stuck on 25th level

Hello, Dear Duo!

I've encountered a little glitch.

Now I have 41253 XP and still on level 25. I received a streak report and it said that I need -10212 XP more (negative 10 thousand, two hundred twelve points). It is not a big issue for me but...

If anybody know how I can fix it I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance!

February 15, 2015



There is no level 26 yet. 25 is as high as you can go. So the negatives point to the next closest level, which is back to at 25.

Congrats on reaching level 25 though! Ways to keep studying include the Immersion feature, taking a reverse course (if you are taking English from say, Spanish, or something, then switch it around and take Spanish to English. You can also ladder, learn a completely new language from English.

Good luck with your studies! :)


oh, okay. Thank you!

A 2nd language... Thanks but no. I'd rather concentrating on my English skills (which is not that good at the moment). =] Immersion is great! And thank you very much all Duo crew for this wonderful resource!


Yeah, I haven't laddered yet. I've just flipped my course to do the reverse of it (I started learning Span from Eng, now doing the Eng for Span course. It's helping and a new kind of challenge. :)


I think the reverse course will help to understand a language better. Good luck with your challenge! =]

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