I've noticed that a number of lessons on a given topic will use a totally unrelated meaning [which hasn't been introduced yet] of one of the words. For example, I was just doing Directions in French, and the word fond (bottom, in this context) was only used in the sentence «Ce sont les fonds de campagne», or "These are the campaign funds". (That meaning of «fond» hadn't been introduced either, as far as I can recall.) Though I can't immediately recall any other specific examples, I've come across this problem a number of times, especially in Spanish, in conjugations of verbs - a form of some verb we haven't seen yet will have the same spelling as a noun or adjective that is part of the lesson, and that verb form will come up despite not being relevant to the current content.

Is this a problem that duolingo has a way to deal with currently?

February 15, 2015


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