"Dina skor är nya."

Translation:Your shoes are new.

February 15, 2015

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The regular speech sounds like "det där skor är nya" (which is what I tried)


To me, it sounds like "dina". But the melody of the sentence is a bit off.


nya is two syllables? /ny- a/ ??


Duolingo didn't accept "Thy shoes are new":(


How do I tell when to add an A on the end Ny instead of a double T?


I am learning myself but let me have a go. The word: SHOES is plural so this means NY has to be written with an A as its ending. The use of a double TT comes in when we are dealing with an ETT word. Like: ett nytt apple. I could be absolutely wrong. But this is how I have come to understand it, so far. Let's hope someone with more knowledge will come in and explain it better then I have done. Good luck.


regular adjectives come in a base form which is used for EN words (ny), an ETT form (nytt) and a PLURAL/DEFINITE form (nya)

if you have access to a laptop or desktop PC, use duolingo on there when you start a new section, as there are grammar notes that explain everything in detail

for adjectives for example, there is a whole table with alternative patterns, i.e. adjectives where the -t and -a endings are applied with a bit of a twist

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