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  5. "She has a peach."

"She has a peach."

Translation:Tá péitseog aici.

February 15, 2015



I don't understand the rules of lenition and eclipses


Are you on mobile? If so, open the browser and read the tips and hints for both sections - they're very useful.

As for basic lenition: if it's a feminine noun (as péitseog is), it lenites after the definite article an.


Any idea why the app doesn't have the lessons?


I wrote exactly what the answer was supposed to be ( Tá péitseog aici.) , but it marked me as incorrect. ( i took a screenshot as well) Has this happened to anyone?


I have this app on mobile but there is no tips section?


I don't mind about learning about lenitions and eclipses, I suck at that but why is there so many things about peaches! I never learnt that word in all my 12 years learning Irish and its everywhere here.


If they used 15 different nouns for these exercises, there'd be even more complaints that that was too many. Here you get a whole series of exercises using just one feminine noun that gets lenited and eclipsed for various reasons.


Go raibh míle maith agat. I was just wondering because I'm refreshing myself on my Irish and just seeing peaches everywhere was driving me crazy.


Im confused here. I wrote Tà aici phéitseog, because I used Verb Ta subject she, and the object pear. I am trying to remember rules I learned, but cant recall. Cheers.


aici isn't the Irish for "she".

Irish doesn't have a verb that means "have" - means "am"/"are"/"is".

To say "have" in Irish, you use a "phrasal verb" - in combination with the preposition ag. As you are not using the same verb in English and Irish, the subject won't necessarily be the same. In this case, péitseog is the subject - tá péitseog aici.

When the object of a preposition is a pronoun, the preposition combines with the pronoun, so ag + í -> aici.

Tá péitseog ag Pól - "Paul has a peach"
Tá péitseog aige - "He has a peach"
Tá péitseog ag an gcailín - "The girl has a peach"
Tá péitseog aici - "She has a peach"
Tá péitseog agam - "I have a peach"
Tá péitseog agat - "You have a peach"


Thankyou, I read a lot of your responses. I swear I have read this before but it helps to see it again.

I guess I'm struggling, because I cant really understand an irish sentence until I read the entire sentence. Understanding that aici is not she but ag plus the feminine í is hard. But seeing the components helps. Trying to learn a language is difficult, as I think and speak and dream in English. Should I stop trying to get all these literal translations and kinda go with the flow and just take it as it is and through brute memory push forward cheers. I hope to have irish thoughts. Cheers Girth

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