"Det är tradition att gifta sig i kyrkan."

Translation:It is traditional to get married in church.

February 15, 2015

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"Det är tradition" is a phrasal expression corresponding to "It is traditional" (in my opinion). Even "It is the tradition to get married in church" sounds inelegant to me.


I don't think "a tradition" is necessarily wrong, but I definitely do agree that "traditional" should be added. We have a quite a few reported variations using that. I'll be entering them right away.


How about, "It is tradition (or traditional) to get married in a church." Why not? In American English "in church" is a bit different than "in a church." The former connotes "during a church service" while the later denotes a location. There are things we would never do "in church" that we have no problem doing "in a church."


Agreed. I did the same thing. Reported 2.8.18.


I'd say no - the Swedish phrase does not mean in a church, either, but rather as opposed to having a civil/secular marriage. It's not possible to translate perfectly etiher way, though, so I can see the argument for acceping "in a church" as you suggest as well.


Surely "it is tradition to get married in a church" is equally correct.


Please refer to my above comment on that.


It is the tradition is quite clear. This should be marked correct. I would either say that, or it is traditional, but I always think that traditional has a sense of being in the past or old (a traditional story or song), which is why I'd say the tradition. I think a tradition changes the sense a little. It suggests that there are several traditions to choose from, whereas a church wedding is the only tradition (setting aside other faiths and cultures).


Is the sig mandatory in this phrase, or can "Det är tradition att gifta i kyrkan" be accepted too?


It's mandatory. :)


Jag skulle hellre översätta det så här; It is a tradition to get married in the church.


"Get married" as opposed to "be married"? Either is used here in the US -- and it means the same thing.

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