"Do you have a light blue egg?"

Translation:Har du et lyseblåt æg?

February 15, 2015



Why is an t added in lyseblat, but not in mørkeblå (both in conjunction with egg)?

February 15, 2015


I do not know what you are refering to, but it should be "et mørkeblåt æg"

February 15, 2015


Thank you – I typed exactly that in, but Duolingo said it wasn't correct. Perhaps I wrote the wrong article…

February 15, 2015


Is it a mistake, or does it have to do with possessive? The differing phrase was mit mørkeblå æg, where I also tried to agree with neuter.

February 24, 2016


It's because of the mit, because that is a definite article, a specific egg. Any time there is a definite article, you have to use the plural form. The plural form for blue is "blå".

But here we are talking "a dark blue egg", not a specific dark blue egg, but any dark blue egg. And so you have to match "et" with "blåt".

January 14, 2017
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