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"Why do you use all three sinks for the same?"

Translation:Hvorfor bruger du alle tre vaske til det samme?

February 15, 2015



For the same what? This doesn't make sense on its own.


No, not literally, but in this context, "til det samme" means "for the same purpose".


Then it should say that so we're able to translate it. As it is, the English sentence is unnatural.


I totally agree, but the original question was in Danish to English (in an earlier lesson). In other words, the Danish version is correct, but the English translation is incomplete.


Incomplete is generous, this doesn't mean anything at all in English. How are we supposed to translate it to Danish?


Another example of closeness with German. det same translates to das Gleiche, if not quite so smooth in English...


Bad Danglish! It would be nice if one of the languages made sense but at this stage I realise that Duolingo does not feel the same (maybe that's the same that all three sinks are used for).

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