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Why do I only get 3~4 points (xp) for review lessons when I learn Swedish?

After Feb 6th 2015, I only get 3 points for completing one review (redo) lesson. I used to get 10+ points for all the lessons. I was wondering what was the reason. I also use Duolingo to learn German, I still get 10+ points for completing one review (redo) lesson. It is very important to redo previous lessons. I think new lessons and previous lessons should be equally important. Is anyone facing the same problem?

February 15, 2015



People were abusing old lessons just to get lingots/xp...

It's really quite sad when you see someone level 25 in German who makes a post that says "Ich bin einem Amerikan lernen deutsch"... Reviewing is good, but I guess this is to keep people from cheating xp.

If you think about it, there's no reason to want xp. You don't need the xp. If you're worried about your streak, set it to 1xp/day. That's what I do, so I can do 10xp or 100xp in one day. But sometimes it is easy to forget that we're here to learn a language, not to be level 25 in German on Duolingo. That is meaningless. :)

So focus on learning more than xp, and if you need to, set your goal way lower so that you can review your normal amount & still keep your streak! ^.^


Thank you for your explanation. I totally understand the concern of the "cheating" xp users. It makes sense to earn less xp with easier lessons when the level is fairly high. My friends and I really like the idea of earning xp, because we can compete and make learning languages more fun. However, if the ways and logic of earning xp are different for different languages and different people, it is no fair way for us to compete. For example, we all in Level 8, and he completed Base II with 3XP and I completed Base II with 10XP. Of course, at the end of the day, xp is not important. We just try to have more fun while learning languages.


Well, just remember, a level 9 German learner who takes time to learn the language properly and understand the concepts is better than a level 25 German 'learner' who may ask you, "Bist du lernen deutsch? Tun du mag lernen deutsch?" (Meaningless mangle of words, I've seen it sadly) :P


Must be another a/b experiment. I'm still getting 10 xp per lesson. I've only abused that once when I had a few minutes to go to finish my 50 daily XP, and strengthened the first couple of lessons in under a minute each.

I keep my XP set at 50 because that is my absolute minimum. Unless I'm completely brain-dead, I review everything Duo suggests I do, and do at least one new lesson, regardless of XP.


thank you so much for the comments.

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