"Nós vamos colocar o berço no quarto."

Translation:We are going to put the crib in the bedroom.

August 14, 2013

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Damn, I just realized (after more than a year) that the word "crib" is used a child's bed in Duolingo and not as its slang meaning :D :D I was wondering how you put a house in a room :D


Crib is American ,,, English cot!!


"We will put the crib in the room." is the required answer. "We will put the cot in the room." is marked wrong, yet one of the translations given for berço is cot. Frustrating!!


It’s exactly the same thing, a crib and a cot, so duo is wrong


Cribs and cots are different. Cribs are beds with sides for babies while cots are portable bedframes usually used for camping or houseguests.


Cribs (US English)

Cots (U.K English)


Both are accepted by Duolingo.


Duolingo prefers US English over UK English; here would be the translation for the US word "cot."

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    Colocar is used as "set" as in "set the table" in another exercise in this lesson. Why is , " We are going to set the crib in the room." unacceptable?


    Sometimes it doesn't accept all synonyms. I think "place" is accepted sometimes, though


    Colocar vs. pôr - what's the difference?


    The same difference between "to place" and "to put," respectively.


    I think, it's very strange that "into the bedroom" is not accepted. For me "in" sounds very incorrect because it technically implies that the crib was in the bedroom already before I put it there.


    I am getting the sentence right but I at times I cannot put the accent mark in and that's frustrating and it will not let me go forward


    Why is "to the bedroom" not accepted, but "in the bedroom" is? I think they mean the same. (I'm not native English speaker)


    Why is room not accepted? I thougt quarto is room and not bedroom


    Couldn't make your "desso" sound like berço. Thanks again Mr. SIM!

    Are there Portuguese words specifically for a cradle (rocking) "bed" for a baby, and a cot (fixed) bed for a baby? (Cot, cottage, small dwelling; kot as in duivenKOT, an abode wherein racing pigeons are kept and bred for racing contest in Europe. Crib is mainly a device to hold food for cattle; and is usually large enough to hold the hay and a baby. Remember: "Away in a manger, no CRIB for a bed)..etc. an old "Christmas carol ? "The hand that ROCKS the cradle rules the world". Can't ROCK a crib when it's fixed to the wall in a stable! 09 I 2022. Walt


    Alguém fez a frase com o will? Pode por favor colocar como ficaria? Obrigada!

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