"I dream of books."

Translation:Eu sonho com livros.

August 14, 2013



can we say "eu sonho de livros?"

August 14, 2013


No, one more example of the usage "verb+preposition" that differs from English to Portuguese

August 14, 2013


Could you tell us more about "com", please?

April 24, 2014


I like that too, I know that "Com livros" means of books in this sentences, but that does not stop me from reading "With books".

September 14, 2014


Yeah. As I'm reviewing I've gotten this sentence wrong multiple times because of that.

Is there a rule or something that determines when you should use "com" for "de" (or in place of a contraction such as dos or something)? I've also noticed that it is used instead of the word "on" in some cases. Mostly with the verb contar.

December 11, 2014


I have the same question. How to translate from Portuguese to English?

Perhaps it is the context? "I dream with books" doesn't mean a lot standing alone. But if you were to say the following sentence in English: "I dream with books on my lap" the "with" makes sense. I don't know whether the translation of this sentence by google is correct, but in any event it is slightly different: "Eu sonho com os livros no meu colo". Here it is "com os".. . HOWEVER how would one then translate ""i dream with THE books on my lap" ?

March 19, 2015


@Moshira it's "I dream of books.". It's just that you use "com" instead of "de" when you dream of something.

September 21, 2015


Sorry to ask again... So if one uses "com" in Portuguese in this phrase, where one would use "of" in English.... What, then is the translation of "I dream of books with books on my lap" .. ? Eu sonho com livros com livros ..."? odd, no?

December 21, 2015


How would you say "I have nightmares about..."?

April 30, 2015


It would be: "Eu tenho pesadelos com..."

May 30, 2015


what is wrong with dos livros?

December 29, 2014


I guess "dos" would mean "of the" books, as it contains "de" and the definite article "os". But I don't know if you could use it anyway. I'm just duolinoing as well ;)

January 25, 2015


Why not "Eu sonho no livros?"

February 7, 2015


"No" means "in the", "on the", or "at the". I dream in the books, I dream on the books, and I dream at the books don't make sense.

April 20, 2015


"Of" is not "with" i dream of book - eu sonho "com" livros

January 24, 2016


Preposições não são traduzidas literalmente.

English: to dream of

Portuguese: sonhar com

August 23, 2017


Very interesting comments here. Would it be correct to say Eu sonho sobre livros?

August 23, 2017


No.... You use "sonhar com" and "sonhar em + verb".

"Eu sonho em conhecer outro país."

August 23, 2017
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