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  5. "Det där är mitt paraply."

"Det där är mitt paraply."

Translation:That is my umbrella.

February 16, 2015



I know that it's clunky English, but is there a reason that "that there" doesn't work? Especially since it seems to be a more accurate (that is, literal) translation.


Det där as a fixed expression translates to ’that’, and det här translates to ’this’. Swedes don’t think ’here’ and ’there’ when using these expressions.


Fair enough. I suppose I'm just a little too accustomed to the Southern US vernacular, where "that there" means "that" and "this here" means "this." It's more of an increased emphasis than anything else; guessing it's the same idea in Swedish?


No, they’re the standard words for this and that in Swedish, not carrying any extra emphasis.


Sorry, emphasis was the wrong word. Increased... precision? I guess? Except the more I think about it, the less I think that's the case in the English vernacular that I'm thinking about. It's just sort of... longer. For no apparent reason.

Weiss ich nicht. "That there" is a way of saying "there" in a particular rustic dialect of American English, and I should be using standard English in my responses.

Tack för hjälpen!


Re: rustic southern umerkin english... it's difficult not to drawl when saying, "det där".


Is there a reason to choose "det där" over "det här" and vice versa?


det där means ’that’, and det här means ’this’.


Even though you shouldn't translate it this way, it may help to think of it through my mistake above - "that there" and "this here." You can't really have "that here" or "this there."

But if that doesn't help you, feel free to ignore me. :-P


Thanks, @Lundgren8. I was a little thrown off by what you said above in response to Snommelp about not thinking "here" and "there" for "this" and "that". In English I would generally think of "this" referring (when talking about a physical object) to something roughly within reach and "that" being something out of reach. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like "den där" and "den här" follow similar rules even if they're not thought of in the same way.


I thought 'Det där/här' is used with a definite noun?


I'm surprised to see that a few words really seem to come directly from french (paraply, kastrullen, möbl..)


Why doesn't Duo accept: that one is my umbrella?


Det is it correct ? Där is there correct? But det där isn't it there


This is being too particular from Duo. This, that, they are te same in the degree of Swedish we are seeking. Unless of course it's the computer program

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