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Question about how to phrase a request

I was going to use Google, but due to how notorious it is I thought I would ask here instead. How would one say "Please set to $X".

It is something I have to email out a lot at work, and the person that is setting the limits is interested in Swedish so I wanted to try typing out the emails in that for a change.

Tack så mycket

February 16, 2015



Could you provide more context? I'm assuming it has to do with finance. Also, the English sentence is missing an object, "Please set <object> to $X", right?


The full sentence would be "Please set their credit limit to $X". You are right, I really should be asking what the full sentence should be, not what the short hand I use because the other person knows what I am talking about.
I got "Ställ sin kreditgräns till $X" from Google.


I'd say sätt instead of ställ. 'Sätt deras kreditgräns till $X'.


You can't use sin on its own like that. It has to refer back to someone. Say "deras" instead.


Tack. I'll do that next time one of these comes up. I think the person I am emailing will be quite amused.

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