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  5. "Der er ingen røg uden ild."

"Der er ingen røg uden ild."

Translation:There is no smoke without fire.

February 16, 2015



The same saying is in Turkish:

"Ateş olmayan yerden duman çıkmaz" = (Lit. tr.) No smoke comes out of where there is no fire.


The English idiom is "Where there's smoke, there's fire."


There was a song in the US about Smokey the Bear: "He can find a fire before it starts to flame." That was because the smoke comes first. The saying should be reversed: der er ingen ild uden røk." (Ask my firefighting nephew.)


Flames are not the same as fire. Flames are the gaseous part of a fire while embers are the non-gaseous part of a fire.

Some fires consist of only embers, some of only flames, while others again consist of both embers and flames. Whether the flames or the embers appear first or at all depends on what is burned. On average embers produce more smoke than flames do.

That Smokey the Bear was able to find a fire before the flames simply means that he was able to find a fire that consists of only embers.

What the idiom is actually saying is that "there is no smoke if there are neither flames or embers", or said in another way "there is no smoke if nothing is burning".

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