"We meet at the museum."

Translation:Vi träffas på museet.

February 16, 2015

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Difference between "Vi träffas" and "Vi möter"?


Im confused on this too.


Agreed. Seems to me that "vi möter" should be accepted.


möter needs an object, so that doesn't work. träffas and möts are reciprocal, they both contain the object in themselves, so no external object is needed – träffas means 'meet [one another]'.


Please give an example of möter and an object. Tack


På min kvällspromenad mötte jag en hund. Vi möttes i skogen


Wouldn't that be "Vi träffades i skogen"? Because träffas doesn't need an object?


It’s not wrong, but it implies you’re outside the museum or ’by the museum’, whereas på museet means inside. I think these overlap a bit, but that we try to stick to ”vid = by”.


So vid museet would cover “outside the front of the museum” but not “inside the museum”. Does på museet only mean inside, or does it cover both, like at the museum does in English?


I’d say på museet only refers to being inside.


I am really confused regarding where to use träffar and where träffas? Where to use the 's verbs? Please help! Thanks!


Why 'vi ses' isnt the best translation?


That's also a good translation. Why it isn't the best one – well, that's a good question. I'd actually be very likely to translate Vi ses på museet as 'See you at the museum' in English. There are some very fine nuances at play here. As I said, I'd be very likely to interpret this as a command form. If I wanted to express that we regularly meet at the museum, and use ses, I would like to add something, like brukar or ofta to make that clear.


Alright... it's finally gotten to me. Why is there a double vowel allowed here? Either Swedes really hate musuems or there's a story to this.


'Vi träffar oss på museet' - bad ?


Yes, träffa is not a reflexive verb in Swedish, so it sounds like saying 'we meet us at the museum'.

gifta sig is a reflexive verb, so we say vi gifter oss 'we're getting married' lit. 'we marry us'
älska is not a reflexive verb, so we say vi älskar varandra 'we love each other' – not 'us'

With träffa, there's the reciprocal version träffas which in itself means 'meet one another'.
So vi träffas = 'we meet'
and it's also possible to say
vi träffar varandra = 'we meet each other'


How do i identify reflexive verbs?

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