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  5. "Jag tycker om att äta hemma."

"Jag tycker om att äta hemma."

Translation:I like to eat at home.

February 16, 2015



I still do not really get the word 'att', are there certain moments when I should use 'att' and when not? Or is it completely random?


I'm also intrigued. I see no pattern so far.


Could I say - Jag tycker om äta att hemma?


No, just like you couldn't say I like eat to at home.


Can someone please explain hem/hemma? What am I missing here?


hem is a direction. hemma is a place. bort, borta, hem, hemma.


Confused..I thought both of them mean "house" but cant tell when we use the first and when the second.. :-(


house is hus. Jag äger ett hus. ett hem is "a home" (hemmet is "the home"). I don't see the noun "hem" used much but it is used. hem usually means "going in the direction of home". Jag åker hem. Han kommer hem imorgon. hemma means "at home". Jag stannar hemma. Är du hemma? Ska du va hemma kl 4?

I noted bort and borta because it's the same pattern. The word with the "a" on the end is usually the place, and the one without the "a" is the direction.


Thank you so much Stephen! If you can add more examples (like bort->borta) I would be more than happy! Here is a lingot for you :-D


You're welcome. I'm trying to think of them but they're not coming to me. I know there's at least one more example. I'll post it when I remember.


What is wrong with, I like eating at home?

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