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  5. "Es un auto clásico."

"Es un auto clásico."

Translation:It is a classic car.

August 14, 2013



You cannot have a classical car. Classical music yes...


some of the drop down choices do not always apply. They are just examples of possible translations for a given word. We are left to choose which one applies or sounds more appropriate.


Well I just lost a point because on the multiple choice I only selected "It is a classic car", when "It is a classical car" was also 'correct'. I'm going to report this because to me at least a classical car makes no sense.


At this time, "it is a classical car" appears as another possible solution. In my opinion, that may be valid English, but it's not something anyone would ever say of a car. (3/25/14)


Actually I think this might be an "american" versus "british/australian" english difference. Because I did write classical car, and got it wrong!!!


In the future my car will have hidrolics


I would like to drift if I can ever afford to. Maybe I can do it on a budget.


No fluent speaker of English would reach for the phrase "classical car" that sounds like a mistake. The common use is "classic car", and yet that translation was not offered as an option in the mobile app. Perhaps from Spanish, the word can mean either 'classic' or 'classical' but it is a poor example to use "classical car " in English.


Others have said this, but I'd like to agree that "Classical" is not a descriptor that applies to automobiles in English. Classical is a genre of fine art; Classic is an adjective used for beloved cars.


What is the difference between 'auto' and 'coche'?

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Both mean car. In Chile it's auto. In Spain it's coche. I believe it is carro in Mexico.


When I lived in and travelled around Mexico I can only ever recall hearing and using "coche", but I'm aware of the other two from books and/or movies.


and can we use 'auto' in English implying car?


I'm with you. "Classic auto" sounds just right to me.


Some American used car dealerships proudly proclaim they deal in "Classic Autos". I think my Jaguar and Mercedes fall into that category. (In spite of being dinged by Duo) Reported


I've seen many comments here of people that use "auto" in English, but I haven't seen or heard anyone say it in the wild yet. In this course you'll drive more safely (ha!) with using "car".


I gave you lingot for the pun, RyagonIV


"Auto" is not that common in English meaning "car" though I've seen it used in names of businesses. At least in Australia when people use the term "auto" in relation to cars it's to describe the automatic transmission.


I was marked for auto.


I know I've seen people use "auto" in English to describe a car. It's short for automobile. I tried using it and it said I was wrong, so I submitted a report on it. We'll see if they correct it. 6/5/18


So far they haven't.


Me too...I have used the word auto and Duo said I was wrong.


It's the normal word in German but it's pretty restricted in English. I can only think of it being used in the names of a few companies. Normally in English that means an automatic gearbox.


I wrote "it is a classic auto" and it was marked wrong!


I think it is a classic auto should have been accepted.


I translated this as "It is a classic car." It was marker correct.


So did I Pauline and it was marked wrong !!!


I put 'it is a classic car' and it accepted it


Are you sure you didn't check "It is an classic car"? Which is one of the options, and is, of course, wrong.


"A classic car" is correct.

"a Classical car", on the other hand, would be incorrect. It doesn't make sense in English.


I always thought cars were veteran, vintage and classic, not antique which generally implies a static object, and certainly never classical which is used for art, music, ballet and so on.


Those are terms used by old car enthusiasts, but people not in the hobby sometimes use "antique", mostly for cars that enthusiast would call "vintage" or "veteran", but some people in their ignorance use it for any car they consider too old to be practical.


Should be classic car, not classical.


It's a classic Auto. Not accepted.


I said that "it is a classic auto". Duolingo said i was wrong. How is an auto different from a car???


Hm, "auto" seems to be a rather informal term. It's not used very often, so it might not be in the database yet.


I wouldn't say it's informal but it's definitely rare. In fact the kind of English speaking people that might call a car an "auto" tend to refer to higher end German or luxury cars.


Common (American) English would be "classic" car, not "classical".


Classic car. A few questions ago a car was antique. Duo can be very annoying sometimes. Left feedback.


Audio sounds like alto.


Sure does so I keep playing it over and still got it wrong cos it's muffled


I think you will find in English that "CLASSICAL" is the adjective.


"Classical" may in fact be an adjective, but it is not an adjective that is used to describe cars. As most everyone has said, the term is "classic" when referring to cars.


It is a classic auto should work

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