"Jag vill ha en skål ris."

Translation:I want a bowl of rice.

February 16, 2015

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How would you say "I want a rice bowl", as in a bowl intended for eating rice from?


Jag vill ha en risskål. We do love our compound nouns.


I like how consistant this seems to be. Like how kopp te because tekopp, and I'd assume it works for many other objects, too


And you do seem to love svenska. It's very infectious and inspiring. Tak


Oops, it should be "Tack", right? Well, I'm learning :)


If I were ordering something at a restaurant in English, 'I would like a...' sounds/feels more polite than saying 'I want a...' is this the case in Swedish or is it perfectly natural to order just using 'want?'


In Swedish, it would also be more polite to say "Jag skulle vilja ha..." than just demanding it with "I want" ("Jag vill ha").


In Americanish, in the context of a restaurant or bar, in response to a waiter asking you what you want, it feels natural to say "I'll have a... bowl of rice." Is this an acceptable translation?


Can you put a noun after any container to mean it's a container of ... ?

Does that only work for food and drink? "en skål soppa" = a bowl of soup; "en kopp vatten" = a cup of water. Could I also say something like "en låda leksaker" = a box of toys? Google seems to prefer using the preposition "med" in these cases: en skål med ris, en låda med lesaker.


Using med is generally a good idea unless it's idiomatic not to, but all of your examples absolutely work. The pattern is quite general.


How about: I want to have a bowl of rice. Or: I would like to have a bowl of rice. I think the DL translation is better, but these other 2 come pretty close.


Vill ha just translates to ’want’ in English. ’Would like’ would be skulle vilja in Swedish. We try to keep the translations as literal as possible and for your sentences, the Swedish words would be different.


Thanks, Lundgren8. I sort of agree with what you say, but I believe in Swedish one does not readily say: jag skulle vilja något, whereas I would like something is a very common way in English. So my alternatives offer common ways of asking in English as a translation of a common ways of asking in Swedish. This type of thing is a common problem in translation.


I disagree, I say Jag skulle vilja ha a lot, and I hear it a lot too. It's often much too direct to say Jag vill ha… in Swedish too.

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I agree! I even think I use "skulle vilja ha" a lot more than just "vill ha". It simply sounds more polite


So skål means cheers and bowl?


Tack så mycket, Lundgren8, Arnauti och Anrui. Det är för länge sedan jag bodde i Sverige och hjärnan inte alltid kommer ihåg riktigt. Det förändrar ochså i tiden, snabbare än vad man väntar sig.


Actually skulle vilja is quite common, but I know what you mean. It would be impossible to make a course such as this one where all the cultural nuances were taken into consideration and where we’d accept all variants of answers ad infinitum. It’s easier to stick to as literal as possible. Duolingo doesn’t cover all aspects of Swedish language and culture. It’s mostly a way to learn vocabulary and grammar.


'I will have a bowl of rice' is not accepted. Isn't this a correct translation as well ?


No, Swedish vill means to want.


what's wrong with "I would like..."?


that would be "Jag skulle vilja ha... "


Can someone tell me the difference between 'vill ha' and 'vill' and when I should use them? Tack


In English, you can only use "want to have" with nouns, but just "want" works with both verbs and nouns.

In Swedish, there's a distinct separation between the two, so vill only works with verbs, and vill ha only with nouns.

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