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  5. "Now we are a committee"

"Now we are a committee"

Translation:Nu är vi en kommitté

February 16, 2015



is nu 'vi är en kommitte' wrong? in your translation it somehow sound like 'now are we a committee?'


nu vi är … is wrong because the verb needs to be in second place.


How would you write "Are we a committee?" vs. "We are a committee. "


Är vi en kommitté? vs Vi är en kommitté.
The rule for questions is that the verb goes before the subject.
The rule for main clauses is that the verb goes in second place.


How to say "Now, are we a committee?" then? Just put a coma after nu as in English?


Swedish doesn’t use ’now’ as an interjection as in English as in ’Now, that was some game!’. We’d say something else.


It's not an interjection in her sentance, it's an adverb or close to an adverb


Basically, you have to say this sentence like Yoda from Star Wars.


Vem säger detta? Jag använder aldrig ordet kommitté? Who says this, I never use the word kommitté.


It's one of the original sentences from the template Duo gave us so you can find it in many courses on here. I guess it's mainly useful to teach the word kommitté.
Whether or not you use the word kommitté probably depends on how interested you are in politics and/or bureaucracy.


We have a 'skyddskommitté' ('working safety committee' or smth) at my work for example. It's not a very much used word in day-to-day conversations, but I think it still can be relevant.


'Now' is not a subject. The verb seems to still be in second place.


why does nu require the verb to be switched with the subject


V2 rule. Verb must be the second unit

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