"Hur är vården i Stockholm?"

Translation:How is the care in Stockholm?

February 16, 2015

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Vården mostly refers to "sjukvården", which is the health care. Dental care is actually not separated as much as in other countries.


The Stockholm has good health care. In north of Sweden they hardly has health care after dinner time. We have joked about that it should be bus tours going to Stockholm with the sick peoples from north because then they maybe will change the health care. :(


...or maybe they buy more busses... :( (Something that happens in some small cities in the countryside of Brazil: mayors buy ambulances for taking people to major cities hospitals, "solving their problem" instead of bearing the burden of building/equipping/maintaining a hospital and "creating more problem" - queues, etc)


omg that is so true


I was marked wrong when I said hospital care. I understand that is maybe too limited, but care is so vague as to be meaningless unless there is a context which there wasn't.


Yeah, I can appreciate that the term is a little vague in either language, but the more explicit "hospital care" would be sjukhusvård(en) in Swedish.


so would health care have been marked wrong?


No, healthcare and medical care are both accepted.


Hey, relevant. Hope you have all the care necessary in Sweden right now.


There's an inconsistency here. I was told that my translation as "How is the care in S" should be "How is the health care in S" - yet when I come onto the discussion page, the given translation is just "care"!


Thanks for reporting! That's certainly not intended. May I ask, for troubleshooting, on what kind of device you're doing the translation, and what kind of exercise it was?


I'm on a pc, and I was asked to translate from Swedish into English.


Thanks again. The unfortunate answer then is that I have absolutely no idea what might have caused it, but at least your translation was perfect.


OK. Thanks for looking into it - and so quickly too!


Why is " What is the care in Stockholm like? " wrong? It asks for a quality!


It was just missing, we had "like in Stockholm?" but not the other way around. Added it now.


Terrible! One could die from the lack of it!


And I read: Hur är våren i Stockholm? - How is the spring...


Why not 'How is your care in Stockholm?'


I'm not sure why but I'm not convinced by the sentence "how is the healthcare in Stockholm" without throwing the word "system" in there. That urge is even stronger if you take for example "Vården i Stockholm är i dåligt skick." You wouldn't say "The healthcare in Stockholm is in bad shape", you'd say "the healthcare system in Stockholm is in bad shape." (At least I would). All in all makes me feel "healthcare (or health care) system" should accepted for "vård".

That said I totally understand if the default translation needs to be what it is for the English to Swedish exercises to work. And I understand that maybe other English speakers are fine using "healthcare" by itself like this.

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