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Help, remember the words 100%

Hello there, in this discussion, I will try to present something might help people remember the words because words decays from the brain with the time.

For example, for me I will never forget that VERDE in Spanish means GREEN in English and VIERNES means FRIDAY, because It's related with this sentence in my brain:

The green grass grows (VERDE)CALLY (vertically),

VIERNES is the day of FAIRNESS (VIERNES sounds like FAIRNESS).

And so on for too many words related to either sentences or even photos in my brain.

I hope the developers takes this in consideration for future updates because I am sure it would extremely help DOULINGO community love and learn and even teach languages in a funny way.

Best regards, Omar D.

February 16, 2015



I do not think that people here are facing problems in memorising.

For me I do the lesson then practicing it I do not forget all words. I forget just a few words but I bring them back directly after practice. It's not bad to forget few words because if you forgot a word and recognize it afterwards you will never forget it again.

But anyway your opinion looks good.


Feel free for any comments

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