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"Non rompere il piatto della nonna!"

Translation:Don't break grandma's plate!

February 16, 2015



Guys, there are way too many "non-US" (and US, for that matter) alternatives to "grandma/grandmother" for a translator to catch all of them. When translating, avoid slang or terms of familiarity unless one is specifically used in the original sentence.


I agree 100%. Don't use your family's slang terms


Please allow non-US alternative's!


I'm not American and have always used 'grandma' and I'm now one myself!


Why is this not "your" grandmother's plate? In many cases the possessive is implied to be linked to the subject just by 'di + article'. Apparently not here. Is that because of the imperative??


I think it's because in this sense, it implies that it's the speaker's grandmother, too. You wouldn't say, "Don't break OUR grandma's plate," because it's redundant to add the possessive there.


Thanks, that was my question also.


I wrote "Non rompere il piatto della nona" I know i misspelled nonna, but shouldn't it be a typo warning instead of a wrong answer?


"Nona" actually means "ninth", and they tend to not mark real words as typos.


This grandson is very naughty!


I agree that there are many alternatives to grandma/grandmother and it is ridiculous to expect DL to recognise them. However, there should be a slightly wider choice of acceptable alternatives on offer. In my experience (Australia and NZ), Grandma is becoming less common and Grandmother is definitely outdated. On the other hand, Nana (and versions of Nana) is widely used. I think Nana should be accepted by DL.


Why isn't it "non rompi/a il piatto", because this is imparative?


negative imperatives always use the infinitive: rompere

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