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Sentences that make you laugh!

In the Portuguese, "Eu gosto de mulheres." made me smile, but today's sentence in the food section made me break out in laughter. "Ele corta o queijo." Must be a man thing. Anyone else have any sentences that do that?

August 14, 2013



i just now smiled about "we take the tiger from the zoo" in italian. i gave my answer a good thought because it was the last one and no heart left! unusual sentences are great to make sure we understand what was actually said.


Is this related to the hilarious twitter feed: https://twitter.com/shitduosays ?


Ein Kind isst Menschen. - A child is eating people. It was in one of those multiple choice questions, so it is not surprising that it is a little odd. That is the most amusing one I have found recently.


What's so funny about "ele corta o queijo?".


It's a common American slang phrase meaning "passing gas". Usually said by men, and the occasional crude woman.


"The dog is drinking water from the toilet" in German was very nice :D

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