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Receiving less XP after strengthening skills

Since a few days I don't get 10 XP anymore when I have strengthened my skills, but I get less XP (mostly between 3 and 6). Is this a new update or is it a bug? (I hope it's the last one).

I've seen more posts about it, but I would like to have an answer from a member from the Duolingo staff. That's why I made a new discussion.

Thanks in advance

February 16, 2015



I have had the same thing happen for several days. I try to reach 100 points on days I am doing a review. If I only earn 3 to 6 points for an exercise or practice run, it takes forever. I end up practicing less because I get so frustrated. Duolingo really needs to go back to earning at least 10 points an exercise--for the original exercise or the practice without a timer or using Duolingo is going to be something I reconsider.
I too would like to see an answer from the Duolingo staff, please!


It's so true!!! The new experience points are highly demotivating for me also.


Yeah! It happens to me all the time!!! I'm so frustrated!!! I mean, 4 points for a lesson finished without any mistakes?! Why?! This should be put to an end! :/


Some of us only have a personal computer and no other way to practice. I really would appreciate Duolingo going back to the previous reward system for everybody. Practicing when you only earn 3 or 4 points at a time for a perfect exercise makes it very frustrating to keep using Duolingo.


I know. it drives me nuts!


it Did not happen to me


Sounds like an A/B test then.


Yep, lots of recent threads on the topic. Some users now get XP proportional to the previous strength of the words in the lesson.

Here's a link to one such thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6993376


This is happening too, and if it's a new feature, I really do not like it.


me too. but I dont get any xp or lingots for a perfect score


Same problem. In the past 3 days I've been only getting 3XP for practices but 10 XP for new lessons. Duo Lingo, please assist / por favor!


We have discovered that some people only get 3 XP for practicing on a personal computer. If they did the same practice on an android tablet, with no errors they would get 13 XP and 1 lingot. This is totally unfair and is only going to cause people to stop using their PC's and use their tablets only for Duolingo.


I finished strengthening my Irish, no mistakes, no 'peeking' and only got 5 points for it. I also finished a timed practice with a perfect score and got no points at all! Swedish doesn't seem to have the same problem, just Irish (for me.)


Use your Duolingo from iPad or iPhone. It still awards 10-13 points to me. If I use web, it gives me 3 XP only...

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