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  5. "They mix wine with water."

"They mix wine with water."

Translation:De blandar vin med vatten.

February 16, 2015



Still this is something that is typically done in France and other wine producing countries, but not really in Sweden.


We once had an overnight stay in Austria or Switzerland - en route to Italy - and wanted a carafe of water next to the wine. We got the water through the wine. They called it "gespriester Wein" or something like that and it was very common to do there. A waste of wine! I want pure wine with a glass of water next to it.


I would have said och till and med should be accepted. The idea is always the same, unless you want the literal translation...


De blandar vin och vatten is an accepted translation. I don't understand what you're saying about till?


Weinschorle... Riktigt tysk.

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