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‎"The cleverest business model in online education." Why thank you, MIT Technology Review.

November 29, 2012



“You could imagine something with programming, maybe finding bugs in software as part of a course,” he says. “We may try it.”

I am intrigued...


Nice! Congrats for the great review Luis. I have to say - Duolingo has really been working for me. The article mentions that Duolingo takes you to an intermediate level... I wonder if you have plans to take it further?


Yes, we're always working on this!


I agree- it really is working for me too. Thanks!


A good review of the model. Congratulations.


Congratulations Luis to you and your team.

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Congratulations that Duolingo has been selected for an MIT review. Two things crossed my mind while reading the article: 1. about translations: "Multiple students translate the same sentence; software compares those results to settle on a final translation."; as of now the "final translation" is the "wisdom" of fellow users, isn´t it? 2. Maybe Luis could provide us with some background of his ideas about Duolingo on the Duolingo blog. Thanks.

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