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  5. "Táim ag glanadh m'éadaí."

"Táim ag glanadh m'éadaí."

Translation:I am cleaning my clothes.

February 16, 2015



I think this is the first time I've missed "m'eadai," kind of absentmindedly typing "my clothing" instead of "my clothes" but it raised the question in my mind...what's the nuance? In my american English, I guess I consider clothing and clothes to be the exact same thing...


The NEID offers éadaí as a suitable translation for “clothing”, so perhaps the course creators didn’t anticipate “clothing” as one of the correct translations for éadaí.


Does anyone want to explain to me how "washing" differs from "cleaning", or should it be accepted? In the US at least, "cleaning" perhaps implies taking them to a dry-cleaners, but in that case you wouldn't say you were "cleaning them" so much as "having them cleaned". For ordinary laundry, we say "washing".


Clothes can be cleaned without being washed, e.g. shaking out dust or brushing off dog hair.


Ok, that makes sense. So "washing" is definitely a wrong answer, then?


Ag ní would be translated as “washing”.

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