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"Are you coming this afternoon?"

Translation:Kommer du i eftermiddag?

February 16, 2015



Could it also be "Are you coming in the afternoon?"?


No, that'd be "... på eftermiddagen".


Does it matter if this is pronounced with glottal stops before and/or after "i"?


We don't really have glottal stops in Swedish afaik. There's a strange pause after i in the recording here which doesn't sound natural. i eftermiddag should be said as if it were one word.


Ah, thanks! (And, yes, that sound in the recording is exactly why I was asking!)


Hi i stuck in level 9 about one week now, Kommer du i morgon? the is an error and i canot even skip that question,help me pls


Since it is "This afternoon" how come "Kommer du denna eftermiddagen" does not work? Since "This" kinda specifies that they mean today


That's what i eftermiddag means. If you mean 'in the afternoon', that would be på eftermiddagen.

denna eftermiddag would only be used in contrast to some other afternoon.


I eftermiddag - after the noon and på eftermiddag - at the time of the noon, right?


Hi,i need help i stuck in level 9 now abot one week now,Kommer du i morgon? i answer but an error always and i canot even skip


What's the difference between "du i" and "ni i"? It seems as though the above translation can use either one.


I can explain it to you with Spanish since you're learning Spanish.

"Du" is "tú" (not to be confused with "tu", which is "your") in Spanish. It is used for one person.

"Ni" is "ustedes" and is used for more than one person.

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