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"In the nineties, I lived in Russia."

Translation:På nittiotalet bodde jag i Ryssland.

February 16, 2015



Yes, that's how to shorten it. But we're not allowing any numbers to be written in numbers on the Swedish side of this course, since the whole point of this section is of course to teach you the words for the numbers.


"På nittiotalet jag bodde in Ryssland" Is this also an option or simply wrong or hardly used?


It's wrong.

Swedish, like most of the Germanic languages except English, is V2 language, meaning that the verb wants to be in the second position of the sentence. Here, the time adverbial "på nittiotalet" is the first position, and the verb follows.


Ok that is a nice and clear rule and I feel a bit dumb for suggesting my option at all. With this in mind a valid alternative is probably "Jag bodde in Ryssland på nittiotalet"


Exactly. (But with "i", not "in".


My condolences.


Back in the nineties...


Where you have a choice of three answers would it be possible to have a voice over as well so that we can hear the correct pronunciation?


Just open the comments, you have an option to listen to the pronunciation there

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