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"February is one of the months of the year."

Translation:Februari är en av årets månader.

February 16, 2015



Can I also say "Februari är en av månaderna på året"?


Yes, you can. "Årets månader" is probably more common than "månader på året" though.


That was exactly what I wrote, but duo said I'm wrong :(


I did it and it was wrong and i lost my heart


This is exactly what i wrote . Sometimes i find it too difficult to understand the logical flow of the Swedish language ..


Being native, with a dialect which is really playing tricks on me when it comes to some things... I'm doing this to learn more about grammar-rules and proper Swedish-grammar.

So, for this one I put "februari är en av månaderna på året", which was marked as erroneous. Is it wrong because it is not a proper translation of the sentence, or is it wrong because of some other reason? Or is it just one of those where it hasn't been added as an optional proper answer? :)


exactly what I have tried... still marked incorrect


This is now driving me crazy. When to use the swedish equivalent of year's months or months of the year. Seems to be no consistency.


Why Duo tells me that 'Februari är en av årets manaderna' is wrong? 'The months' is definite plural, so it should be 'månaderna'? Or am i wrong?


It's the same as in English:

"One of the months of the year."

"One of the year's months."

English prefers the former, while Swedish seems to prefer the latter.


If we're supposed to translate from english to swedish then the phrase shoud have been ordered in swedish grammar (of the year's months) or it should be accepted in the english grammar (month's of the year) as it was written in english for us to transcribe. Can't have it both ways. Specially when "of the year's months" even if though a bit unusual is a perfectly correct statement in english.


Disagree. In real life, we need to be able to translate back and forth. This is excellent practice IMHO.


good question, I am just beginning to learn why 'månaderna' is wrong here - if I understand correctly, it is because the translation is "one of the year's months" so that the word "the" is attached to "year" and not to "month" - i.e. it is ONE month of THE year. Hope this makes sense!


I think it does, in fact I came to the same conclusion.


That makes sense. Thank you for this theory


Why can't you say "Februari är en av månaderna i året"?


It's mostly a matter of what proposition to use when. Swedish uses "på" here. Similarly it's wrong/strange to say "February is one of the months in the year".


Why isn't it accepting "Februari är en av månaderna på året"


Why is not "monaderna"


o and å are not the same letter, "monaderna" is not a Swedish word.


It's fascinating to see how often a German word with E or O has as its Swedish cognate a word with Ä or Å. I once asked a Swedish speaker why you don't just use the ordinary Roman letters, and got the indignant answer "Because we are not German!"


I see it as a translation for the english "of".


Compare this with a similar sentence: "January is a month of the year" - accepted translation is "Januari är en månad på året"

This one, however: "February is one of the months of the year" - "Februari är en av månaderna på året" is NOT accepted.

I wonder if it's the "one of the" part that makes the difference. Theory: when you want to say "X of the Y" (e.g. "month of the year") you say "en X på Y", but "one of the Xs of the Y" (e.g. "one of the months of the year") you say "en av Ys Xs".

Is this right?


Why this is incorrect? februari är en av månaderna på året


Honestly, cannot say why it shouldn't be, for me it seems like a fair enough equivalence of the accepted translation. Could just be that it hasn't been added to the accepted ones. Something I cannot check or fix. Hopefully some moderator sees this and can update it (or let us know why it's proper to not allow that translation). :)


''Februari är en månader av året.'' Is this wrong?


Yes, unfortunately, it is wrong (en månader = a months). But even making it singular it wouldn't be correct.

You could go something like "Februari är en månad av året", but that still feels off to me and wouldn't be a proper translation of "February is one of the months of the year", it would be more like "February is a month of the year". It's close, but not exactly the same.

I don't know the exact rules behind this though, it's just a matter of how I would say it here in Northern Sweden. :)


Why not "en av månaderna av året"? In the English sentence the first "of" is partitive, the second possessive - can AV not be used both ways?


I don't think that av can be used that way. I tried to go through it in my mind and couldn't find a good way to apply it that way anyways. But I'm not perfect in my Swedish, the problem with being native. :)

"Av" is more similar to "from" or "part (of)". If you said it like that I do think you would be understood. But it feels as if you wanna take away the chunk of "February" from the year, so it no longer belongs to the year. Roughly speaking of course. :)


How is possession (year's months) conveyed here. Is it just the word order? Or the ending årets with an s?


I wrote Februari är en av månaderna av året but mistake


I wrote : Februari är månads årets. Not accepted.Is it because it is wrong to use two possesive genitives ( By the way is possessive genitive the correct transaltion od saxon's genitive?)


What's wrong with ''Februari är en månad i året''?


Why is this wrong, "Februari ar en av arets manaderna". It tells me to take manader, but it should be "the months"... dont get it


Poor translation. English translation should be "One of the year's months." It is slightly less common, but is totally acceptable, and conveys the Swedish version more accurateley.


No, it shouldn't. "One of the year's months" sounds very strange indeed: it's not just "slightly less common", it is completely abnormal. Of course the meaning would be recognisable, but you'd no more say "one of the year's months" for "one of the months of the year" than you'd say "one of the books of the boy" for "one of the boy's books".

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