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  5. "The man is a vegetarian."

"The man is a vegetarian."

Translation:Mannen är vegetarian.

February 16, 2015



When saying this, is it really still wrong to say "Mannen är /en/ vegetarian"?


Yeah, Swedish doesn’t use the indefinite article with occupations, political or religious affiliations or I guess cases like vegetarian/vegan as well.


Weird. Is there a case where en vegetarian would be correct?


I'm not sure, but I think it would be correct if it'd be in some context like 'I know a vegetarian'.


Yes, that's correct. You can also say "Mannen är en vegetarian" if you want to specify that he belongs to the group, but it's slightly negative (like 'oh no, he's one of those (maniacs)').


Hnh. Who knew? I always feel a little tricked in these situations.


Vegetarian and vegetarisk? Please can someone elaborate.


Vegetarian is a noun "one who eats only vegetables", Vegetarisk is an adjective "having to do with vegetables". In English we use the same word for both.


When i peek at vegetarian it says vegetarisk and vegetariska. Is that something about gender or something?Can someone clarify?


Jag är vegetarian = I am a vegetarian.
Maten är vegetarisk = The food is vegetarian.


Boy was this one hard!


When do I use vegetarisk as an adjective and when vegetariska?


I guess vegetariska is definite and plural version of vegetarisk. See explanation at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/sv/Adjectives-1


This is quite unclear to me... here, translation of "the man is A VEGETARIAN" is "mannen är VEGETARIAN". So no indefinite article in front of vegetarian word. But just one question before this, I should have choose translation of "A vegetarian doesn't eat meat" and correct answer was "EN vegetarian äter inte kött". So there is a indefinite article in front of word "vegetarian". So what is correct then? Should one use indefinite article for occupations or not??


En vegetarian = one from the group of vegetarians, i.e. a person. Vegetarian = belonging to the vegetarian group of people, like a mechanic belongs to the mechanics (I am a mechanic would be "Jag är mekaniker" in Swedish, so you drop the 'a' there as well).


Jar inte är vegetarian


I have had two different answers given for this translation. Sometimes it is marked correct if I include " en" and sometimes not.

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