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"Ele disse que isso não traria solução para o problema."

Translation:He said it would not bring a solution to the problem.

August 14, 2013



"bring a solution" is not a good English translation, "be" or "offer" is better


The simplest way to say this in English is "would not solve the problem.". (accepted as of January 2019)


why i need put the article 'A' there?? the article 'A' is not optional?


Using "a" makes the sentence sound more natural.


Right. In English, it is not that kind of idiomatic expression, like "at home" or "cause havoc." In fact, this is more commonly said "...would not solve the problem" or maybe, "...it would not be a/the solution..." In Portuguese, it seems to be an idiomatic expression...."trazer solucao...."


I was surprised to see "solução" without any other word like "uma" in front of it. Is this common/the norm, to just use the word "solução" without anything in front of it to mean "a solution"?


Well, you can add or omit "uma" here.

Actually, as we like using double negatives, you can say "nenhuma solução".


"He said it would not bring the problem to a solution", is not accepted despite being more correct English.


This one is a mess, only seems to accept one or two very specific interpretations as the correct translation

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